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So after a long-ish flight and stopover in Kuala Lampur, we finally land in Hanoi in Vietnam. After the immigration check etc, we were finally out of the aiport and went straight for the taxi and to the hotel. I’m gonna leave out the mundane parts of reaching the hotel and freshening up etc. But I will say this, we took a hotel in Old Hanoi which I think was an awesome decision! Our hotel was an old duplex style house which was converted into a hotel. The lobby was full of art. It was all local artist and all of it was on sale. And it was definitely beautiful.


RIght outside the airport


Art on the walls of our hotel


art on the wall


this was my favourite


hotel lobby

We had one night of stay here and we were leaving for Haiphong next morning. We had already decided to make the best of it. We left our hotel in the evening and picked a direction and started walking. It was only the girls as the boys were all sleeping.

Our first stop was a small juice shop, we all ordered different things. I ordered banana-strawberry smoothies. It is one of my favourite combinations ever. Pallavi ordered an avocado-coffee smoothie. I kid you not, it is one of the best things I have ever had in my life. If you are ever in Vietnam, try this smoothie for sure! After that we found our way to the streets of Old Hanoi, just walking around and taking it all in. It was sprawled with all shops imaginable. It’s kind of like Amritsar or Old Delhi maybe but cleaner and less Indian (if that makes sense). We found a Chanel store. The lady who runs was it covered in Chanel. I mean from her glasses to her earrings to her clothes to her shoes to her accessories, you name it and it was all Chanel! All of it! The store was brilliant too. Of course, there was nothing in most of our sizes. Indian women have a buxom curvy body, even with a size 4 or 6 available in Nam, it would just not fit on the chest. I will say that I did not even look for clothes for me. But looked everywhere in general.


As soon as we stepped out of the hotel


Just Vietnam things




Just Vietnam things


The Lake!

We walked and walked and walked and explored and then the sun started setting. We found our way to the famous Lake there. I’m sorry I forgot the name. It was a big market area with big stores and the Lake was all lit up. It was really amazing. The weather wasn’t too hot or too cold. It was just right. The exploration didn’t end there. But this post does. More on the night in Hanoi in the next post!