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Am I growing?

Am I aligning?

Am I going in the right direction?

Is there a right direction?

Who decides it?

How do we know?

Questions plague me all the time. That is kinda who I am. A person who asks questions and then seeks answers to those questions. I don’t always find the answers. Sometimes, I find more questions actually. Is this bad? NO! Is this good? Maybe! But it is definitely not bad. I never thought I had an analytical mind. I always thought I was more like a thinker of nothing and everything. A philosopher! I was very wrong. I do think but I also analyse things. And I venture out of my mind and my space to get answers to those questions. That is one thing that I love about myself. I satisfy my curiosity. I am a slow person. Things happen really slowly for me except for aging (I think that’s happening rather quickly!). It takes time for me to understand and accept certain things. But once I do, I do what is necessary and that makes me brave. I acknowledge it now.

In all this time, I have tried to grow and be better, I almost haven’t been able to. I just did not understand what I was doing wrong. And now I have. I was just not loving myself. I was not looking at myself. Everyone else was to be taken care of, except for me. I changed that. Now I try to do both. And I live my life the way I want to. I do the things that make me happy. I have finally begun living!